Airforce Y Group Mock Test in Hindi
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Question - 1

Directions (1-4) : Read the following passage carefully and answer each of the questions given below it in the context of the passage.


Birju Maharaj, the living legend; choreographer Kumudini Lakhia, who ushered in an era of innovations in Kathak, Chitresh Das, a pioneer emigrant who settled in the Bay area 30 years ago and blazed a trail, firmly establishing Kathak among American dancers and the Indian diaspora; Anjani Ambegaonkar, another Jaipur gharana exponent, winner of the National Endowment Award for her outstanding contribution to the young exponents both from India and America ___ the conference had young scholars and critics and also senior writers and performers. Young Archana Joglekar, a Kathak dancer from Mumbai, who migrated to Princeton a few years ago said: 'I could not believe that this can happen in the US where Indian immigrants have come for better economic opportunities and incidentally have brought along with them classical dance tradition to retain their cultural Indian identity. 


Question-1 : Which of the following is not true about Chitresh Das? 

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