Indian Navy SSR Mock Test in English
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Question - 1

Direction (Q. No. 1-5) : Read the following passage and answer the questions which follow it. 


“Child is the father of man”, but we do precious little for our children. Child workers present a melancholy picture of our modern industrialism and our society still tolerates the abuses of a child labour. The advent of industrialism led the employers to try and make maximum profit at low cost of production. This induced the employers to employ children at low wages. And this is ever today, a black spot in the labour conditions of India. The conditions, under which child labour prevalent, is a social evil and a national waste. Child labour is directly related to child health and exerts a negative effect upon their health. It interferes with the normal family life and encourages the breakdown of social control. Further it seriously interferes with their education and productive participation in the privileges and obligations of citizens, what a child needs during his developing years are security, warmth of love and adequate opportunities. Exposing the child to stresses and strains during his developing years leads to thwarting and twisting his personality.


Question-1 : Industrialism led to ____________.

Total Question (100)